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"Hefei Night" heard the voice of the city

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On December 13, the highly anticipated "2019 China (Hefei) Digital Economy Innovation Application Summit and the Yangtze River Delta (Hefei) Digital Integrated Open Application Scenario Summit" "was held in" City of Innovation "in Hefei. National Development and Reform Commission, National Information Center, China Information Association, China Telecom Corporation, Yangtze River Delta Regional Cooperation Office, Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Technology Corridor Joint Office, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Anhui Development and Reform Commission, Anhui Data Resources Bureau, Relevant leaders of the Big Data Industry Alliance in Hefei and the three provinces and one city in the Yangtze River Delta were invited to attend. Song Guoquan, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, attended and delivered a speech.

“共享开放数字应用场景,共创长三角数字一体化”为主题,包含一个主论坛和三个分论坛,邀请了长三角地区、科研院校和优秀企业等各界领导、专家、学者,共同探讨数字产业融合发展、创新发展、共赢发展的命题,推动数字一体化建设。 The theme of this summit is "Share open digital application scenarios, and jointly create digital integration in the Yangtze River Delta". It includes a main forum and three sub-forums, and invited leaders, experts, experts, Scholars, discuss the propositions of digital industry integration development, innovation development, and win-win development, and promote digital integration. The summit focused on the integrated development of transportation in the Yangtze River Delta, showcased the high-level innovation and development achievements in the field of intelligent transportation, and promoted the improvement of urban governance and modernization capabilities based on “City in Taiwan”, promoted the digital integrated development of urban public services with one yard of access, and the blockchain industry In-depth discussions in areas such as ecological construction.

100余个,并从中选出37个案例,在历时一周,近13万人次参与的网络投票后,经来自长三角权威专家的终审,提名20个案例。 It is reported that this month's Yangtze River Delta digital economy application scenario outstanding case collection activity lasted for one month, received a total of more than 100 digital economy application scenario cases from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and other provinces , and selected 37 cases from them. After a week of online voting with nearly 130,000 participants, 20 cases were nominated after final review from authoritative experts in the Yangtze River Delta.

20个最终入选2019年长三角数字经济优秀应用场景案例,合肥城泊有幸成为其中之一,荣获“2019年长三角数字经济应用场景优秀案例提名奖”。 At the meeting, 20 cases of outstanding application scenarios of the Yangtze River Delta digital economy were finally displayed on the scene. Hefei Chengbo was fortunate to be one of them and won the “Nomination Award for Outstanding Cases of the Yangtze River Delta Digital Economy Application Scenarios in 2019”.   So what exactly does Hefei Chengbo stand out from the fierce competition of outstanding application scenarios of the digital economy in the Yangtze River Delta? Now, please follow the secret of Cheng Xiaobo!

Hefei Chengbo is a professional state-owned enterprise engaged in parking management in Hefei.合肥停车大数据云平台 ,在辅助城市管理、服务社会公众、提升运营管理水平等方面发挥了重要的作用。 For ten years since joining the city's parking industry, he has always adhered to the leadership of scientific and technological innovation, integrated the use of modern high-tech such as the Internet, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing, focusing on the convergence and application of parking big data resources, and working to improve the efficiency of various parking resources. Focus on the establishment of theHefei Parking Big Data Cloud Platform , which played an important role in assisting city management, serving the public, and improving the level of operation and management.

合肥停车大数据平台 对全市的路内停车位和路外停车场提供管理支撑,实时掌握运行状态。 TheHefei parking big data platform independently created provides management support for on-street parking spaces and off-street parking lots in the city, and grasps the running status in real time. 合肥停车 APP总注册用户已达130万,日均使用频率6.5万次,对比市区165万辆机动车、180万驾驶人,市场占有率分别达78.79%、72.22%。 It provides functions such as parking reservation and online payment, and supports APP, Alipay and WeChat Mini Program. Among them, the total registered users of the Hefei Parking APP have reached 1.3 million, with an average daily frequency of 65,000 times, compared with 1.65 million motor vehicles in urban areas. And 1.8 million drivers, the market share reached 78.79% and 72.22% respectively. 照顾 着合肥人的出行,是合肥市民最信赖的停车软件,被授予 停车行业优秀停车APP 荣誉称号。 Since its launch in 2018, it has served 13 million car owners and " cared for " the travel of Hefei people online in real time . It is the most trusted parking software for Hefei citizens and was awarded the honorary title of " Excellent Parking App for the Parking Industry " .

90块停车诱导屏。 The developed parking guidance system is widely used to cooperate with relevant departments to carry out commercial parking lot data uploading and construction of guidance screens. A total of 90 parking guidance screens have been constructed in urban areas . 合肥停车 APP以及小程序,全方位多渠道发布车位消息,引导车辆有序停放,有效解决了市民因找不到车位带来的交通拥堵问题,深受市民好评。 Combined with the Hefei Parking APP and mini-program, it issued parking space information in all directions and multiple channels to guide the orderly parking of vehicles.

违停停车劝离系统 ,在全国属于首创,泊位管理员兼任文明停车劝导员,配合主管部门开展专项行动。 TheIllegal Parking Persuasion System developed is the first in the country. The berth manager also serves as a civilized parking adviser and cooperates with the competent authorities to carry out special operations. Since its launch in 2018, the dismissal rate has reached 94.22%, which has greatly reduced illegal parking behavior.

安徽省高新技术培育企业 合肥市高新技术企业 省一级停车服务企业 Hefei Chengbo has also been rated asHigh-tech Cultivation Enterprise in Anhui Province , High-tech Enterprise in Hefei City ”, and Provincial First-level Parking with many years of innovation and development in smart parking technology, products and services. Service Enterprise " . 全国道路停车管理示范单位 城市级智慧停车优秀集成商 两个荣誉奖项收入囊中。 At the just-concluded 2019 National Road Parking Industry Alliance Annual Meeting and New Age Urban Road Parking Management Development Forum, Hefei Chengbo won the award again with its hard power, and named the National Road Parking Management Demonstration Unit and Two honorable awards of " Excellent City-level Smart Parking Integrator " were included.

Although it is nearing the end of the year, the development of Hefei Chengbo has not stopped. 停宜慧 智慧停车管理平台正式发布。 On November 22, Hefei Chengbo independently designed and developed a new generation of Stop Yihui smart parking management platform. 合肥停车 APP全新上线。 On December 10, the new Hefei Parking APP was launched . This marks a key step in the development of smart parking, entering a brand new stage, which will definitely play an important role in urban construction.

技术赋能,数字驱动 ,通过运用智慧停车信息化云平台等科技手段,让停车插上智慧的翅膀,助力高品质静态交通,为推动智能化城市管理、推进智慧城市建设注入新动力。 In the future, Hefei Chengbo will continue to aim at the forefront of smart parking technology, adhere to the " technical empowerment, digital drive " , and use technology such as smart parking information cloud platform to let parking have wings of wisdom and help high-quality static traffic. Promote intelligent city management and promote the construction of smart cities to inject new impetus.

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